• 510210-Golden Pearl Klaua Ring-450x420px-20140509-01
  • 410383-South Sea & Tahitian Keshi Pearl Dorado Pendant-450x420px-20140509-01
  • 220698-South Sea Pearl Caelum Earrings-450x420px-20140509-01
  • 510144-South Sea Pearl Mermaid Ring-450x420px-20140509-01
  • Group 510158 510160-Tahitian & South Sea Pearl Devo Rings-450x420px-20150514-01
  • 410451-South Sea Mabe Pearl Bunda Star Pendant-450x420px-20151104-01
  • 220799-South Sea Mabe Pearl Bunda Star Earrings-450x420px-20151104-01
  • 220776-South Sea Keshi Pearl Caelum Earrings-450x420px-20151104-01
  • Group-410438 410440 410443-South Sea Keshi Pearl Caelum Pendants-450x420px-20151104-01
  • BUNDA_9151
  • South-Sea-Pearl-&-Diamond_Strand_18W_Necklaces_N31121A_310170
  • South-Sea-Pearl-&-Diamond_Hollywood_18W_Earrings_E22054A_220554
  • South-Sea-Pearl&-Diamond_Lyra_18W_Rings_R51078A_510051
  • Tahitian-Pearl-&-Diamond_Lyra_18W_Earrings_E22078A_220374
  • South-Sea-Pearl_Couture_Plt-&-18Y_Brooch_B12038A_120007

BUNDA Rooster Keshi Pearl and Enamel Brooch

BUNDA adore affectionate gestures, forging opulent materials with whimsical themes.

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