BUNDA Couture Coral and Diamond Earrings

Our couture earrings, featuring a superb pairing of coral, of deep and vibrant natural colour, beautifully polished to a very high lustre. All set in platinum, with round brilliant cut diamonds, and special custom cut baguette diamonds they are beautifully articulated. The total diamond weight is 1.86ct.

BUNDA LANDforms Citrine Pendant

A BUNDA 'LANDforms' pendant in 18ct yellow gold, featuring a beautiful bi-colour emerald cut citrine, golden yellow at the base and fading to a pale yellow at the top.

BUNDA Couture Carnelian and Onyx Brooch

This dramatic and original Couture brooch, featuring alternating heart shaped slices of carnelian and black onyx, intersected by the finest lines of gold and edged in the perfect line of threadset diamonds.

BUNDA Krest Watermelon Tourmaline Ring

This is a very rare large stone of high sugarloaf cabochon. It is highly unusual to find such a major watermelon tourmaline, and especially in a cabochon. The Krest collection takes its name from the Russian word for cross, as the design is based on intersecting bars at the back supporting the stone.

BUNDA Corvus Coloured Stone Earrings

This fabulous array of studs form part of the Corvus collection, characterised by a delicate line of thread set diamonds, around a myriad of colours, the beauty of each gemstone harnessed by the softness of the cabochon cut.

BUNDA Coloured Stones Drop Earrings

Choose between the warm glow of the gold and diamond set citrine Vine earrings, the massive pear shaped amethysts from our iconic Hollywood collection, and the cool chic tone of the sultry green amethyst Vine earrings.