LANDFroms - BB and Raf Designing 1A unique collaboration of design and performance between Rafael Bonachela, Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company and Ben Bunda.  LANDforms was conceived by Rafael Bonachela and takes inspiration from the landscape and the impact of the elements on the earth. The BUNDA LANDforms jewellery collection conceived in the highly charged creative atmosphere of Sydney Dance Company’s rehearsals arose from Ben’s inspirations based on the movement and majestic body forms of the dancers in Rafael’s brilliant choreography.

Rafael Bonachela & Ben Bunda

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Bunda Ghost Ring SQA great honor and a challenge, the goal was to create an inspiring piece exuding the subtle confidence of Rolls-Royce while always maintaining classic proportions.

After experiencing a new Rolls-Royce and gaining a complete understanding of the design philosophy and what goes into the
creation of a Roll-Royce I realized it is very similar to the process we undertake with the creation of a bespoke piece of jewellery.

Great jewellery design and production takes many combined years of experience and dedication to create the very best. It is the passion and commitment to want to design and create the very best that is what discerning buyers and collectors are looking for.

The Ghost